Louise recognizes that safety and trust is essential to maintaining a therapeutic relationship with her clients. Utilizing a trauma-informed approach to care, Louise provides a safe, calm, respectful, and non-judgmental setting within her practice. Louise encourages client choice and voice as much as possible by asking clients to choose their own pacing for sessions and engage in any questions they may have throughout their healing journey, no matter how sensitive the questions may appear to be. Louise strives to provide culturally sensitive care by considering each client's cultures, values, and beliefs, and understanding how each individual's bio-psychosocial needs and cultural background relates to their healthcare needs. No matter how ashamed, embarrassed, or hopeless you may feel, you are not alone, and you are not to blame. With help, you will get better!


​In certain instances, Louise may recommend referring clients to other allied healthcare professionals to ensure her clients receive the highest quality of care. With informed client consent, Louise may reach out to a primary care provider within the client's circle of care (i.e. family physician), or recommend a consultation with a psychiatrist. If you would like to know more about how Waterdown Maternal Mental Health Services can help support you or a loved one, book your free 15-minute consult call now to further discuss your concerns and review our treatment options available. Clients may also request in-home sessions if preferred. COVID-19 protocols apply. (Additional fees may apply depending on distance).

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