Importance of Mental Health for New Moms

Mother with her baby

New mothers will do everything they can to learn how to take care of their babies. You might do some research and take different measures to ensure that your child will be okay. Although there is one thing that you might forget during this entire process: yourself.

As a new parent, you might feel overwhelmed, sad, and even anxious. This might happen during or after pregnancy. These feelings are valid, and there are professionals who can help you. There might come a time that you will need postpartum therapy, and that’s okay.

Your mental health as a new mother is very important. Before you can take care of your child, you must first take care of yourself. Here’s what you need to learn about postpartum depression to help you take care of your mental health:

Any New Mother Can Have Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

You might think that you are the only person experiencing negative thoughts during pregnancy. Anxiety and depression pre- and post-pregnancy are common. About 1 in 8 women experience this condition after childbirth. Even when surrounded by healthy relationships, a new mother can still have this mental condition.

Postpartum Depression Differs From Postpartum Psychosis

People assume that when you have postpartum depression, you will hurt your newborn child. That is not the case. This condition is treatable with therapy and other methods, while psychosis is very different and needs intensive care. Postpartum psychosis is the condition that can lead mothers to hurt their babies.

Signs That You Might Be Experiencing Postpartum Depression

You might not feel like your usual self when you experience this mental condition. These are common signs that a mother might have postpartum depression and anxiety:

  • Experiencing extreme sadness

  • Feeling guilty of not being an excellent mother

  • Being easily irritated and angry

  • Having unusual and upsetting thoughts that linger

  • Not enjoying the things you used to

People Will Always Be Here for You

Becoming a new mom can make you worry a lot. Sometimes, you might even doubt yourself, and that’s okay! Asking for help is the best thing you can do to help you and your baby. It’s true that talking about your emotions and worries can be daunting. You might even feel ashamed that you’re having bad thoughts. Don’t worry because your friends and family are here for you.

Postpartum depression and anxiety are conditions that need professional treatment. Acknowledging that you experience a problem and doing things to better your mental health are signs of strength. If you need professional help, Waterdown Maternal Mental Health Services will always be here to listen to you. Contact us to schedule postpartum therapy sessions in Ontario today.

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