Postpartum Depression Treatment

Postpartum depression occurs in one in every five to seven women, so rest assured you are not alone. Childbirth can be exhilarating for some, however for others, feelings of sadness, guilt, loneliness, and distress may take over. If you experience any of these symptoms after the birth of your child, you may be experiencing what is commonly known as 'baby blues' which is due in part to significant hormonal shifts post delivery. However if these feelings continue or worsen greater than 14 days, you may be at risk of a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder such as postpartum depression. You can turn to Waterdown Maternal Mental Health Services for help. We offer evidence-based screening questionnaires as part of our intake process to determine your level of risk for a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, and liase closely with your primary care provider to ensure your needs are met.

We understand that every parent’s postpartum experience is unique. Many women may feel disappointment regarding their labor and birth experience, which poses an increased risk for postpartum depression. Often times we may feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit that what we thought would be a positive experience is instead overshadowed by feelings of frustration, regret, anger, sadness, guilt, and often times powerlessness that certain outcomes were simply out of our control.

I am highly skilled and knowledgeable regarding the many complexities of postpartum depression, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel you may be at risk. I maintain confidentiality and provide a secure, safe space in which you can heal and will guide you through this challenging time.

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Postpartum Support

Hormonal and environmental changes cause postpartum depression after having a child, and we’d like to emphasize that this is an incredibly common condition, so do not feel embarrassed or ashamed to seek help. It’s understandable to feel shocked by these unexpected feelings, but many women will go through this experience, and you can place your trust in my services because we offer postpartum care and support.​

It is not easy being a new mom or a new dad because you will have to deal with several changes, and this transition can be very challenging. Your lifestyle will change, as will your sleeping habits and here at our clinic, you will be able to share your experiences in a safe space surrounded by people who care. Counselling is a treatment option you can consider because talking candidly about your experience will allow you to explore your emotions and gain perspective. 

Postpartum Care

My treatments will focus on finding healthy ways to navigate this major life transition, and I will help you feel like yourself again. Postpartum treatment can help you regain a sense of balance and joy, and we can provide you with relief from your suffering. Our counselling sessions will help you feel more connected to your baby, and you will be able to feel at peace with your birthing experience; so there are solutions, and we are ready to help you heal. 

We specialize in postpartum care and support and offer postpartum depression treatment, so contact us at any time to schedule a session or to discuss more information.